Our Organic Pledge

We are proud to be certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO)

USDA Organic PCO Organic

As a certified organic farm, we pledge the following to our valued customers:

  • We do not use any herbicides. Our products are grown in a controlled indoor environment with no risk of contamination by weeds.
  • We do not use pesticides. Preventative measures are used to ensure that insects do not colonize our products and growing space.
  • We do not use chemical fertilizers in our certified organic soil mix, which is purchased from a trusted supplier.
  • We will only use certified organic seeds purchased from trusted suppliers.

Our Sustainability Pledge

It is also our style to go above and beyond your expectations. We also pledge to evaluate all of our materials and procedures to make sure they are sustainable in addition to being organic. These means taking into account the social, economic, and environmental costs of our operation in order to limit the size of our company’s footprint on planet Earth. We want to be able to continue producing healthy food for you and your family for as long as possible!

Blue Marble Space

GreenSpace is an initiative of Blue Marble Space, a 501(c)(3) public charity.