Certified Organic Purple Sango Radish Microgreens

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USDA Organic

A mixture of medium green and dark purple microgreens, with heart shaped leaves. Brings the strong spicy, astringent flavor of radish into any salad, salsa, soup, or stir fry. 

Fresh-cut microgreens are shipped within 2 to 7 days of your order

All our microgreens are USDA Certified Organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO).

USDA Organic PCO Organic

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are the immature shoots of edible plants. Many different kinds of plants can be a microgreen, as long as the plant or seed is edible. For example, you may not see a pepper microgreen because the pepper is the fruit of the plant, rather than the plant itself.

Are microgreens like sprouts?

Microgreens have three parts: a central stem, the cotyledon, and sometimes the first pair of very young true leaves. Sprouts are all of that, plus the root and the seed coat. Microgreens are usually a bit older than sprouts, harvested between 10-21 days rather than between 5-7 days. They are also grown in drier conditions than sprouts, which are germinated for their full growth cycle in a warm, wet environment. It is for this reason that researchers think that sprouts pose a greater food safety risk than microgreens, however this research is still ongoing.

Want to know more about microgreens? Check out our Microgreen Nutrition FAQ page.

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