About Us

GreenSpace is an indoor farm located in historic downtown Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. We operate as a non-profit organization and use all proceeds to enable research and education in sustainable development, Earth system science, and space exploration. Our mission is to cultivate healthy communities and increase awareness of our planet's resources.

GreenSpace specializes in certified organic microgreens, hydroponic lettuce, herbs, and edible flowers. 

GreenSpace also provides a wide range of growing products to meet the needs of home gardeners, including organic soil blends, nutrient-rich organic worm castings, specialty organic seeds, and microgreen grow kits.

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We also offer consulting to microgreen growers. Find out more here.

Dan Klock, Greenhouse Manager
Reba Klock, Sales Manager & Education Coordinator
Julie Klock, Customer Service

Jacob Misra, Operations Manager
Gina Misra, Quality Assurance Manager


Code of Ethics

We are committed to growing our produce and developing our permaculture system in a manner that reflects our environmental values. Through each tray of greens we plant, we strive toward realization of our broader goals:

  • Improving the human condition on Earth.
  • Facilitating the synergy of technology with the environment.
  • Advancing and preserving international awareness of our planet, its resources, and its people.

Our “code of ethics” represents our effort to articulate the practical principles that guide our permaculture and business toward a better and more sustainable future. This code is a work in progress that we build upon as we learn more about agriculture and ourselves.

  • We strive to consume more waste than we generate.
  • We strive to extend the useful life cycle of nondurable goods.
  • We strive to understand the chemical and nutritional composition of our products.
  • We strive to manage our water as a precious resource.
  • We strive to increase the contribution of renewable energy sources to the electric power grid.
  • We strive to optimize our activities to honor the people and systems that compose our community, nation, and planet.


Support Our Non-profit Organization

GreenSpace includes members that are affiliated with the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science (BMSIS), a non-profit research organization engaged in building a sustainable future and nurturing scientific interest among the public. The mission of BMSIS is to explore life as a universal phenomenon and empower the next generation of scientists. Please participate in this adventure as a member of the Supporter’s Circle, where you’ll get to engage with our scientists. Get involved at bmsis.org/support

Blue Marble Space

GreenSpace is an initiative of Blue Marble Space, a 501(c)(3) public charity.